Preparing for an Accident – But Do Not Anticipate One

Panama City, Florida has 37,000 people in it. It also has over 300 people in its city limits. This means that there is one billboard for every 123 residents. If Rexburg, Florida had that same billboard to population ratio, then there would be 200 billboards in the city. New billboards have not been allowed in the city ever since 2003.

The most common type of billboard advertisement you will see in Panama City, Florida is for attorneys who are seeking personal injury and medical malpractice clients. Seafood is the second most common advertisement you will see. Billboards are an effective way to get across a message.

Many people have been able to find a qualified personal injury attorney thanks to an advertisement that they saw on a billboard. Others have purchased a meal because of an advertisement that they saw.

A man recently went to Wendy’s. There were two elderly women there. One of the women had to be at least 90 years-old. The employees asked the 90 year-old woman to give her name, and she refused to. Interestingly, this woman paid for her meal with cash.

The man paid for his meal with an American Express credit card. Credit cards are the way that many people pay for things. The credit card company issued the credit card because they trust that the person will pay them back.

Cash was a topic that was recently discussed in a video by Bill Bonner. He is really worried about the United States economy. He believes that because the government has spent trillions of dollars that it could not afford to spend, we are on the verge of an economic collapse.

He believes that in the future, people will not be able to get money out of the ATM. He also believes that there will be riots in the future because of a lack of food and fuel. Bonner also stated that he has predicted other events like this. He said that he successfully predicted the collapse of the Japanese Stock Market and Soviet Union.

Bonner stated that the fact that there is more credit in America than cash is the reason this economic crisis will occur. He advises people to be prepared for this crisis because it will inevitably occur.

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