How to succeed at a Medical Assistant interview

The healthcare industry is booming in terms of career opportunities for people who are qualified. Due to societal changes, the need for health care workers is constantly increasing as new diseases, sicknesses, and procedures are discovered with the passing of time. There will never not be a need for healthcare workers, so this is why the job outlook is sky rocketing right now. But it’s not easy just landing a job as a medical assistant. Just because it is in demand doesn’t mean that you’ll land the job. Not only are there basic certifications that you have to meet, like being a certified Medical Assistant with a few externships under your belt, but you also have to nail the interview portion of the job just like you would for any other.

What kind of questions will they ask me?

You may be wondering about the kind of questions that you’ll be asked during an interview for a job as a Medical Assistant. Now, there are going to be a lot of standard questions like, “what was a challenging situation and how did you overcome it,” or the usual, “would you be available to work extra hours.” While these questions are easy to nail, here are the few that aren’t.

  1. Tell me about your previous work experience as a medical assistant, and what your responsibilities were?

This is a tricky question to nail, especially if you haven’t worked an actual medical assisting job. For people who have passed certification programs or graduated from a technical school this is a good time for you to talk about your externship programs since they are required for graduation.

  1. How did you add value to the patient’s experience?

Again, this is another hard question to nail. It involves really being verbal about how you changed a patient’s experience. You have to really sell it to the employer and make them feel moved otherwise you’re going to seem like every other candidate.

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